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Spanking paddles that feel as good as they look
Spanking paddles that look as good as they feel
"Feel the burn"

•They feel awesome
•They look great
•Guaranteed forever

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These products are intended to be used by consenting adults who are interested in
kinky toys that will produce erotic sensations. We do not endorse abuse in any form.
We sell these as novelty items to be used sensibly (or is that sensually?) at your own risk.
For maximum enjoyment, we recommend you communicate with your partner
so that both of you know what feels good and what doesn't.

And now for something completely new & different:

Would you like to be able to sanitize your paddle?
This is especially important if you play with more than one partner.
And you should be cleaning your toys after they get a good work out. So here it is...
I call it, "The Sanitizer"
The world's FIRST dishwasher-safe spanking paddle!

dishwasher-safe spanking paddle

What's it made of? Restaurant quality high density polyethylene.
This is the same material that high quality cutting boards are made of.
And you can sanitize it by putting it in your dishwasher or your sink.

sanitize your spanking paddles
It measures 1/2" thick, 3" wide X 12" long.
The feel of both sides is smooth and slightly textured.
The edges have been rounded and sanded smooth.
You and your spanking partner are going to love the way this feels!
Yours for only $30.00 including packing and shipping in the USA.

Thank you Mayo...I received the paddle and its exactly what I wanted.
I am happy to say that my butt is pretty sore now....a little hard to sit...LOL.
I guess hubby finds it the perfect implement to keep me in line in the future.
Thank you again and I hope to do business with you in the future. Sharon :)

Custom made spanking paddles:
I'll make you just about any shape, any size. Engraved or plain.
Contact me for pricing details

Here's how to pay:
I accept checks, money orders, Google Checkout and PayPal.
For Google Checkout and PayPal, email me a description of what you need
and I'll email you a payment link which can be securely paid with a credit card.

Make your check or money order payable to:
M. Pardo
840 Gerald Ave
South Elgin IL 60177

How we ship:
Your order is discretely shipped so that nobody will know what you are getting.
The return address will contain no reference to our products.

We use first class or priority mail shipping.

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